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Made in the Great Wall

The Great Wall Bio-chemical Engineering Co,; Ltd is the earliest tartaric acid manufacturing company in China and also the first company to use biosynthesis method to manufacture tartaric acid. With continuous improvement of the process and production equipment, the Great Wall is always in the leading position in the industry.

Efficiency in the Great Wall

The Great Wall satisfies the various client demands with advanced production equipment and “continuous, isolation, high-efficiency” manufacturing principles.

Sci-tech in The Great Wall

Technology innovation is the key sustainable development method in the Great Wall. The Great Wall collaborates with Chinese Academy of Science and other great academic institutes in research and development. These achievements result from the talent and effort of all staff.

Green in the Great Wall

The Great Wall is always focusing on increasing the energy and resource efficiency and promoting cleaner production. Based on the technology innovation, the Great Wall implements “green manufacturing” project following the regulatory and standards. It is aimed to develop in a high-efficiency, clean, low-carbon, and cyclic utilization way, which can enhance the harmony between the industry civilization and ecological civilization and achieve the balance between human beings and the nature.

High quality in the Great Wall

Quality is the essential core of the Great Wall and we promise to “make perfection more perfect”. High efficient and precise quality management team and advanced quality testing equipment are essential to meet the clients’ needs. Accredited by main stream quality certification intuitions and production management certification institutions around the world, our products are sold in markets as far as Europe, West Asia, Australia, and Japan.

The Great Wall Biochemical Engineering Co.; Ltd.

Founded in 1992, the Great Wall Biochemical Engineering Co.; Ltd. was the earliest company to produce natural tartaric acid. Due to the limitation of tartar, since 2000, our company has started to produce synthetic tartaric acid and developed various tartrate products. In 2012, we were committed to the research and development of the process lines of malic acid as well as malate to enrich the diversity of our products.