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L-Malic Acid

Category: Malic acid & Malate



Food Industry (Food additive, Energy supplement, Buffer, Flavor, Wine additive);

Breeding Industry (Acidification, Preservatives);

Medical & Daily Chemical Industry ( Bacteriostat, Supplement).

Electronics Industry ( Wet process chemical, Etching additive)



L-Malic acid is one isomer of malic acid, it has another name of Apple acid.

The chemical formula is C4H6O5. E#: E296. CAS#:97-67-6. HS Code:2932999099. 

The L-malic acid produced by the GreatWall Biochemical through fermentation method participates in the Kerb cycle of human energy metabolism; helps to energy supply; has a unique taste; is easily absorbed by the body; is a healthy food additive choice.




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